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Frozen Donor Eggs for IVF in Boca Raton & Aventura

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Thanks to modern advances in fertility medicine and egg donation, thousands of women who were unable to conceive with their own eggs have gone on to give birth to healthy babies, either through fresh or frozen egg donation. Donor eggs are often used in IVF treatment for women who have exhausted treatments to get pregnant using their own eggs. These women may have premature ovarian failure, diminished ovarian reserve, or lower-quality eggs due to advanced maternal age.

At Palm Beach Fertility Center, we truly care about your desire to have a family. That’s why we are here to educate our patients about the pros and cons of using frozen eggs for IVF treatments versus fresh donor eggs.

What Are the Differences Between Fresh & Frozen Eggs?

In the past, the only donor eggs available were fresh, and fresh donor eggs have been used for IVF since 1984. Fresh eggs are still used today, because they are proven to work well and there is substantial research behind the technique. However, fresh eggs take longer to match a donor to the recipient, and both the donor and the recipient must have synchronized menstrual cycles, which can cause scheduling challenges. Fresh donor egg IVF cycles usually cost more than those done with frozen donor eggs.

Today, new cryopreservation (freezing) technology has made it possible to freeze unfertilized donor eggs in a process called vitrification. One of the advantages of frozen eggs is the convenience compared to fresh egg donation. While there may be scheduling difficulties using fresh eggs, frozen eggs are immediately available and the recipient does not have to synchronize her cycle with the donor’s cycle, because the donor has already done the egg retrieval process. Costs per treatment are typically lower with frozen eggs.

Another advantage of choosing frozen eggs is there is no risk of a donor changing their mind last minute, and there is no risk of an unexpectedly low quantity of fresh eggs. This added convenience and lower cycle cost make frozen egg donation appealing to many prospective parents looking to expand their family.

Advantages of Using Frozen Donor Eggs

There are many advantages of using frozen donor eggs for an IVF cycle, including:

  • The success rate using eggs from a young donor is 50%
  • Eggs have been pre-screened and are readily available
  • Only eggs you will have to pay for are the ones you use
  • Donor eggs are available from women of many different ethnicities
  • Frozen eggs provide the option to re-test for disease

Proven Egg Freezing Techniques

Advances in egg freezing techniques now make it easier than ever for women to proactively stop the biological clock or preserve fertility when faced with a cancer diagnosis. Frozen eggs also provide an immediate and secure option for couples and singles pursuing fertility treatment that requires frozen eggs.

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